KittyBee, an ingenious solution to your social schedule upkeeping woes. The Queen of all apps is here to assist you in making your societal engagements as hassle free and fun as possible. Download it today and efficiently manage your multiple kitty groups in a single click. It’s a virtual Kitty Diary right at the helms of your fingertips. Ab Phone Uthao Kitty Jao!

How it works

Manage details of all your kitty parties in a single diary on your phone. Create groups, contact members, update venue and set rules all in one go and much more with KittyBee.


Inviting other members and starting a new kitty group was never this easy. KittyBee is your personal scheduler, keeping a note of all your kitty engagements, venue-booking assistance, all in just a click.


KittyBee offers its members a virtual Kitty Diary to keep a record of member payments, set kitty rules, select hosts for upcoming kittys and lots more.


Bee Chat allows you to share gossip, pictures and lots more within your kitty group. This versatile app through its Pop-Up feature keeps all members updated about every event in and around the city.


KittyBee has something in store for everyone! Through KittyBee not only do our members get a platform to manage their kittys but it is also an indispensible avenue for our merchant partners to tap into a varied customer base. The app features an innovative and efficient way to approach a host of prospective customers.

We invite merchants all around the city to exhibit their exclusive offers and deals to our numerous members. Everything’s been made simple with this marvelous App!

Here’s highlighting a few benefits your business will attain through this association: -

  • Merchant Listings:

    The app acts as a comprehensive guide for our users. Where they can find listings of Restaurants, Jewelers, Boutiques, Salons, Dieticians, just with one click!
  • Deals & Offers:

    Exclusive deals specially curated by our partner merchants will be available to all our users.
  • Push- Notifications:

    Sent by our merchants will keep our users informed and updated about the ongoing offers.
  • Head’s Up:

    The all-inclusive app will give our users information regarding upcoming exhibitions & events around the city.
  • Kitty Solutions:

    KittyBee will assist the users in finding & booking kitty venue, date, time & informing their kitty group members about the same.
  • Other:

    Booking of destination kitties & complete travel assistance by our Taxi partner.

Contact us for more details. Join our exclusive merchant program today!



    Maintaining a kitty diary has always been a tedious task, but not anymore! KittyBee’s virtual diary will assist you in managing all your kitty notes, member attendance, host selection, member payments and formulating kitty rules. All you need to do is download the app and avail its countless benefits!

  • 2. BEE CHAT:

    Tired of calling members again and again to inform them about the Kitty? The app’s outstanding feature - Bee Chat, allows you to send reminders to your kitty group members, share pictures, gossip and lots more. It’s not just about keeping your social calendar current, KittyBee knows how pivotal communication with kitty members is and with multiple groups to manage we knew only too well we had to make it simple and seamless for our users.

  • 3. POP-UP:

    KittyBee is a versatile app that alerts all its members about events, exhibitions, fairs and festivals happening in and around the city. It’s a colossal information guide that updates members about the latest fashion trends, yummiest recipes straight from the chef’s case, finest travel destinations around the globe and a whole lot more. It’s the entire world wrapped around your fingertips!


    Thinking of booking a kitty venue or splurging in a little treat! Our merchant partners that range from- Restaurants, Jewelers, Boutiques, Taxicabs, Health Clubs, Salons, etc provide discount privileges of products and /or services to all members of the KittyBee App. These offers are exclusively curated and are available for our valued KittyBee members only!