Using Make-up Primers

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Primer is used for making cosmetics last longer on a face. It should be applied before putting on a foundation. It makes the foundation base smoother and also makes it shiny. A primer may come in gel, powder, or cream. Moisturizer softens skin but primer prepares skin to hold on the foundation or other cosmetics for a long time.

Some primers are made from silicon-based polymers like dimethicone because they give ultra smoothening. But some people have allergic reactions from dimethicone and they should consult a physician in that case. Primers can also help in smoothing wrinkles, fine lines, and pores.

You can apply primers with your fingertips to spread primer better. If you want to apply primer to a smaller area then you may apply it with the help of a brush or a concealer. Some doctors say that applying primer with help of fingers is an exercise for the face.

If you are travelling, then primer may help your makeup last longer. The primer comes in handy while going to a place with different weather. Weathers may shift from hot to humid or vice versa but if you have primer on, then you won’t be having any such problem. A primer may save your time and extra effort of maintaining makeup.

You may even wear primer alone without applying any makeup or foundation. It helps your skin looks smooth. You can apply it on your eyelids or as an eye-shadow.

You shouldn’t use a primer in excess as it collects under the foundation. Even a single drop is enough if you apply with a brush. It will spread and look beautiful.

You may even apply primer around your eyes. It prevents makeup from spreading as it absorbs the oil and counters redness.

You can also apply an eyelash primer under the mascara for making eyelashes look thicker as well as longer. You can apply different coats on your eyelashes without them becoming a mess.

If your primer already contains acne curing ingredients, you don’t need to apply any other acne product. If you use more than one acne products at the same time, it may irritate your skin.

So now, therefore, you know benefits of primers you may use it to keep your makeup intact for a long time.

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