Time To Play With Monochrome

Monochrome jackets are new in fashion. Their demand has been on a steady rise. They can be worn on many occasions from formal to parties and even can be extended to weddings.

kriti kharbanda monochrome

Cover story:

The monochrome jackets are quite trendy as well as sophisticated. You can wear them at a party, office or on vacation. They are quite versatile and can be worn on many occasions. You can pair them with a simple white or a black T-shirt along with a nude-colored bottom. You will be ready for both formal and semi-formal events. In the pic above you may see actress Kriti Kharbanda exhibiting Zara blazer.

anushka monochrome

Suit up:

Monochromes have been becoming a favorite get up for office going women. It flashes the authoritative qualities of ladies. One of the ideal outfits for office goers is crispy black and white suit. You may wear it with flats or kitten heels and use minimal accessories. In the picture above you can see how Anushka Sharma has paired an off-shoulder blouse with flared pants, making them look ultra-modern yet fun.

shradha monochrome

Classic blend:

Monochrome doesn’t have to mean western. It can have a classic combination too. It already has been used plenty of times in Indian wear giving a contemporary appeal. We are going to show a picture where Shraddha Kapoor has worn a Punit Balana piece elegantly. With contrasting prints, alongside right fabric and texture, it is a perfect dress for weddings too.

Janhvi Kapoor monochrome

Short and simple:

You may wear black shorts along with a white T-shirt or blouse which may look fun and elegant. In this pic above Janhvi Kapoor is showcasing a Kunal Rawal creation- black shorts along with a white top and jacket. This outfit could also have been worn in another way i.e. with a pair of black thigh-high boots. It will make you look party-ready for the weekend.

kangana monochrome

Doll up:

You may add accessories as it will add the oomph factor to a simple monochrome dress look more shiny and attractive. The picture above is showing Kangana Ranaut showcasing a broad black belt and boots to her outfit. You also can play with accessories to make your dress more stylish.

Thus with all these different ways, you can make your monochrome dress shine brighter. Thus now you can flaunt your monochrome with elegance at any event for different occasions.

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