Things A Gemini Man Finds Attractive in a Woman

Things A Gemini Man Finds Attractive in a Woman

Things A Gemini Man Finds Attractive in a Woman

A Gemini has taken over your heart. He is a real charmer, full of good sense of humor and is imaginative and creative. Basically, he has all the qualities you want in your man. But now you stand completely perplexed and in dire need to know how to win his heart. Well, we are here to tell you about things a Gemini man finds attractive in a woman.

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Gemini man loves adventurous women

A Gemini is a game for anyone who has a knack for spontaneity. He would fall for someone who is ready to do fun things at any point of time. A fixed nature or stuck in routine would be a huge turnoff for him. Even better, if you can suggest him something full of fun, he’ll witness the side of yours that’ll interest him the most. In fact, spontaneous women are what Gemini’s consider HOT.

In a nutshell, it is not the body shape, but the adventurous side that can make him fall for you. Go out, have fun and arouse his desire.

Gemini man loves intelligent women

It is the intellect of a woman a Gemini man finds truly attractive. A woman who is a smart conversationalist and knows how to hold herself in a group is a Gemini’s biggest turn on. And if she talks about things that interest him, then no power can stop him from coming close to you.

A Gemini man loves to talk. He would love to have a partner who can match up. He will find a woman with glasses more intelligent than otherwise. He is inclined towards intellectual looking women.

Gemini loves Independence

If you are not needy, clingy or high maintenance, then you are the kind he would love to take into his life. If you can take care of yourself, then he would love you even more.

There is a difference between ‘WANT’ and ‘NEED’.  He would love to be ‘wanted’ but not ‘needed’. Have a problem, go to him, he will help him, but just don’t make it a habit.

Go out with your friends and let him go out with his. He loves to be with himself or even without you while socializing. Just don’t assume anything negative.

Gemini men love to talk

If you are a woman who doesn’t mind her man doing all the talking, then this is another trait a Gemini would find attractive.

A woman who doesn’t stop a Gemini from talking and can sit to listen to his rant till the wee hours is a Gemini’s requirement. You have to be a good listener for a Gemini to make yourself more attractive.


If you have the above-mentioned qualities, you already have it in you to make a Gemini man yours. Or else become the ONE!

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