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“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before”, says Dalai Lama. If you are a travel enthusiast and love exploring new places, then you’ll be glad to meet our this week’s interviewee.

KittyBee welcomes, Sushma Paul – owner of ‘Holiday Cellar’. The company provides holiday packages to suit the unique needs of all kind of travellers. In collaboration with ‘Yo Buddyz’, she is all set to bring travel, adventure sports and a blissful holiday in your life. Pack your bags as you read on her journey!

What made you name a traveller’s hub ‘Holiday Cellar’?

I realized that when a person goes on a holiday, he/she creates her own memories. Everyone has a different story and the purpose of travel depends from person to person. The whole idea behind my company’s name is about “Making Memories”.

What inspired you to take travelling so seriously?

Before starting this company I was too busy in my own life, taking care of a child and family. That made me realize that when we are on a holiday, we forget everything and it gives a chance to rediscover ourselves. So, I thought of starting a company that can promote women travellers because they don’t get a chance that often because of a busy life schedule and safety issues.

What kind of travellers do you cater to?

Our packages start from 1200 rupees and we are equally adept at catering to our high budget clients. As per the clients budget and requirements, we customize the entire package. We are also coming up with Europe backpacking trips where you don’t have to bother about the budget. In low cost, you will get many lifetime experiences.

What makes ‘Holiday Cellar’ different from other travel companies?

Holiday Cellar’s expertise is in giving a personal touch to all the packages. Whether you want a low budget tour or looking for a luxurious travel option, we have you covered. We give equal importance to each and every client. Our primary focus is customer satisfaction rather than beat rates like other travel agents.

“You name it and we have it”

Take us through the day to day working of ‘Holiday Cellar’? What are the biggest rewards and challenges?

Holiday Cellar with Yo Buddyz, offers a variety of services like one day trek, bungee jumping, paragliding, etc. We give certificates for certain adventure sports to create a sense of achievement. To ensure, the safety of our female travellers we drop them till their home.  This way, even parents don’t have to worry about their children. We also specialize in providing luxurious packages that include cruise liner, limousine and helicopter ride.

Why according to you travel is important?

If we look at the current scenario, our stress level has increased and there is a lot of anxiety within us. That’s why I feel travelling is important because it works as a stress buster and rejuvenates you. I recommend people to go on a vacation once in a month. A one day trip is also enough on regular basis to discover a new you.

A travel advice that you swear by?

My advice to all the female travellers is that no matter how many times you have travelled, “always be alert of your surroundings”.

A message you would like to convey to all the women out there.

I would like to advise mothers to take their children out for adventure trips and connect them with nature. Let them explore the world on their own and practically learn how a seed is growing and how many insects are there. This will also make their mind curious rather than staring at the screen throughout the day. My daughter also loves to travel with me and is always excited about the next trip.

“We never compromise on quality”

What are your future plans?

I want to provide cost effective packages to all. If there is any occasion, birthday, anniversary, we can arrange all kind of services on your holiday whether it is in India or abroad. Quality will be maintained and things will be offered according to your requirements. Your safety and comfort level is our utmost priority. When it comes to choosing flight, we make sure that you don’t miss upon your sleep. Everything is arranged in time so that you can enjoy a hassle-free holiday.

“KittyBee is a great platform for women entrepreneurs and I’m very thankful that they gave me this opportunity where I can inspire the female’s to come and travel with us and explore this beautiful world.”

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