Shaving Mistakes We Generally Make

Shaving is a common and regular thing to do. But how many of you do it right? There are both right as well as wrong ways to do it. Many women make mistakes while shaving. Most of us just lather up some soap while bathing and move the razor down our legs. Thinking we are done, we can’t undo the wrong that has already been done. The wrong method of shaving can bruise the skin, form irritation, and can result in redness of the skin. A worst case scenario is ending up with cuts with blood flowing profusely.
To help you we are listing all the wrong methods that are bad for your skin so that you can take care of your skin from next time you use your razor:

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1. Lathering up

One of the mistakes we make while shaving is not lathering enough. Shaving Dry can cause ugly bumps, razor burns, cuts which can cause roughness and ugliness to the skin. That totally opposes the purpose you shaved for in the first place.

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2. Using same disposable razor multiple times

You should not use same razor every time you go for shaving. You need to dump the razors at least once a week. Although it is only you who uses it, their repeated use can make them blunt and sharp which can cause abrasions in the skin and bruise it adversely. Also, the same razors can become shelter of bacteria which can turn into an infection if it contacts your blood by any chance of getting a cut.


3. You shave against the natural direction of hair growth

Although shaving against natural direction of hair growth may give you a cleaner face afterward, it can also be the biggest source of pain for you.
It may even worsen if you are using sharper blades which can cause irritating ingrown hair. If you have a sensitive skin, shaving against the natural direction as will magnify these issues and irritation of the skin.

4. Not exfoliating before shaving

It may seem like a time waster but actually, it is a time saver. If you need to do shave urgently, you must exfoliate your skin as it removes the dead skin and makes shaving easier as well as quicker.
Not only it is a great way to avoid cuts, but it also helps to keep the skin moisturized.

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5. Rinse with cold water and moisturize

You may have heard how using hot water is good for shaving. It opens up the pores and makes it easier to have a cleaner and quicker shave. But when it comes to cleaning lather, the best way is to use cold water. It closes down the pores and calms the razor burns caused by quick shave. You should immediately moisturize your skin after coming out of the shower to lessen redness and inflammation.

Thus now that you know what are the different ways to do shaving quickly. We hope you come out with a clean-shaven face smoothly without any cuts and bruises. Good luck!

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