Protein Powders Specially Made For Women

Everyone is going for protein powder these days for building up their bodies. Mostly men use protein powder recommended by their fitness trainers. The trend of consuming protein powder is also growing among women. So today we are going to discuss some protein powders especially for women:

whey protein

1. Whey Protein:

The most popular protein powder among gym goers. It is a milk-derived protein that is highly digestible. It contains all essential nine amino acids that body can’t manufacture on their own. Whey protein is often called ” complete ” source of protein. Whey protein supplements enhance muscle growth, promote weightlessly and reduce hunger in both men and women.

Pea Protein

2. Pea Protein:

It is made from dried, ground yellow peas. It is an ideal protein source for vegans. Peas aren’t considered powerful source of protein but peas powder has been tested as a concentrated source of protein. It is hypoallergenic i.e. it is safer for people with food allergies.
It is also an abundant source of essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine.


3. Collagen:

It is a new type of protein product in market. It can also cure joint pains, increase muscle strength and reduce wrinkles. It is made from skin or bones of animals like cows and pigs, or from skin of fish. These powders are mostly hydrolyzed, i.e. broken down into smaller pieces called peptides that our body can easily absorb. They are beneficial as they easily mix with hot and cold liquids and are easy to consume. It also satisfies the cravings of the stomach.

Boiled Egg Whites

4. Egg White Protein:

They are much-acknowledged source of protein that you can have. Egg yolks contain most of the energy of the egg but that includes high levels of cholesterol and fats. But the Egg whites contain all of the protein. You can boil your egg to consume the egg white specifically.
You can also consume egg white protein powder to enhance your protein intake and athletic ability. Like whey protein, it is also a good source of branched chain amino acids that stimulate growth.

Brown Rice Protein Powder

5. Brown Rice Protein:

It is also a type of vegan-friendly protein powder. Women who are allergic to dairy products and want to avoid animal products may choose brown rice protein powder. It is hypoallergenic and is thus safer to use. But it may not be a complete source of protein but is equally effective as whey protein. It increases the exercise performance and helps you reach your fitness goals.

Thus these are the list of protein powders that can be used by women to enhance their fitness. These protein powders are specifically listed for different types of women and different needs. Women with allergy can also choose the protein powders that are safe for them.

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