Panel Discussion: Women Empowerment In Today’s Time


A panel discussion was organised on 15th February, 2018 in Chandigarh by one the most unique global network and international women chamber ‘All Ladies League (ALL) on the subject ‘Women Empowerment’.

Prominent personalities like Actor Savita Bhatti, Professor Dr. Shruti Bedi, DJ & Music Producer Varnika Kundu, Chairperson of All Ladies League(Punjab) Winky Singh, NGO Founder- Ripander Kaur, Mrs. India Arab Asia 2017 Anupama Sharma and Poet, Writer, Spiritual healer, Social Activist Sharmita Bhinder, joined the discussion.

Mrs. Savita Bhatti shared about her journey as an artist and the challenges that she faced. The audience was left teary-eyed through her inspiring journey. She emphasized on the need of women to take up opportunities as they come their way. Humour she said is the best therapy that works for her and probably everyone.

“Why love be conditional for a girl? ” quoted Savita Bhatti.

The women panellist Dr. Shruti Bedi highlighted on the laws pertaining to women safety and on how terrorists are using women with their heinous intentions. Since women easily get through security checks, they use them as sleeper cells. She is also in a better position to bribe at security checks.

DJ and Music producer Varnika Kundu, the face of today’s generation, forwarded the discussion. She told about her journey as a DJ and how people react to it.

Are women forging ahead in their respective fields? How safe are women? Are women aware of their own potential? Participants pondered on such questions at the event.

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