An Interview With Ritu Ohri: Owner Of Baker’s Hut

Does the sweet smell of freshly baked breads, cakes and cookies take over you the moment you enter a bakery shop? If you experience something like this, you will be delighted to meet our this week’s interviewee.

Please join us in welcoming Ritu Ohri, owner of The Bakers Hut, sector 20 Panchkula. Team KittyBee recently spoke to her to understand what goes into running a bakery, about baking cakes, the challenges they face etc. From chocolate hazelnut cakes, frozen yoghurt to tandoori pizza and more, this Panchkula bakery has got it all. Here’s the inside story of the exclusive discussion.

Tell us about yourself.

Hi friends, I am Ritu Ohri, I run my bakery by the name ‘Bakers Hut’ in sector 20 Panchkula. I am doing this job from around two years.

How did you start with a bakery?

I was a homemaker before and wanted to do something different. My daughters are grown up now so my responsibilities got lessened that’s when I decided to start and bakery was the best route.

What do you admire the most about your job?

I love baking very much and the best thing about my job is that we bring happiness on the face of other people. Cake is a medium of celebration so we believe with this we also become a part of the celebration.  If we give the best cake, it brings a smile on the face of the customer and he remembers us that they have given me quality services.

What challenges do you face in running a bakery?

It is very important in a bakery to maintain the quality. It is very difficult to make everyone happy with your services. But if there is any unsatisfied customer, we ask him/her the problems and try to make our products better. I just want whenever a customer leaves our shop there is a smile on his face and he should be happy that whatever product he has purchased is good, it is value for money. There are customers who don’t like the product but then we try to make it better.

What are your dreams and future plans?

I want that my bakery grows this much, that we can serve food in every part of India. I know it’s very difficult to do but I will definitely try my best.

A baking tip for the audience?

When we bake a cake at home we happen to make mistakes like using inappropriate quantity sometimes of the baking powder or flour, so instead of getting into that hassle, you can go for pre-mixes that are readily available in the market. And opt for best quality pre-mixes and then only the cake will come out moist and fluffy.

A message for the women!

Believe in yourself and your dreams. If you are passionate about something nobody can stop you. No matter how many problems comes your way. If you are determined about something you will definitely be successful.

Your views about KittyBee?

KittyBee is actually the best platform as they organize your kitties properly and you don’t need to take any headache, they will organize it all so well for you. So all you have to do is go and enjoy your kitty party. The best thing about Kittybee is that they give you new food tips every day which are great and I surely recommend to all my viewers. Go and download the KittyBee app.

She concludes, ‘Don’t try to bake cakes at home whenever you feel like having a cake come at Baker’s Hut and we will serve you the best.’

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