One Power Nap A Day Boost Your Brain

A new study emerged which analysed the relation between brain activity before and after naps. It found out that taking a power nap can change the way you make decisions positively.

The Medical Research Council-funded study, conducted by University of Bristol researchers, researched whether a short period of sleep can aid us in processing of unconscious information and how it affects our behaviour.

It also explored the benefits of short sleep on cognitive brain function and found that even during short sleeping intervals our brains consume information from our surroundings unconsciously. We are barely aware of this information in our napping time but our brain is continuously analysing it. The previous evidence demonstrates that sleep helps in problem-solving skills and enhances the cognition after waking up from a nap.

Power Nap

In a university, subjects were allowed to take a 90-minute power nap before committing two tasks. They found out that the power nap was sufficient to remarkably improve brain power, as compared to those people who stayed awake. They connected 16 people to an EEG machine to measure their brain’s electrical pulses before and after naps. The scientists at Bristol University said their findings that were published in the Sleep Research Journal, were “outstanding”.

The participants with age range from 20 to 91, were asked to describe whether they thought a chain of words were either “good” or “bad”. The volunteers completed their duties and then either choose to sleep or stay awake before repeating the exercises again. People who took power naps became faster in the completion of their tasks as compared to the subjects who didn’t take any nap.

This study suggested that even a short time of sleep can help in improving our reaction time and information processing function. First and foremost, it is already known that the process of gaining knowledge and recalling memory is enhanced during sleep. This research suggests that information gained during awaken state is processed in a deeper and qualitative way when we are asleep. There may be some troubles and problems in our mind that we solve in our sleep and wake up with answers to them. The study is published in the “Journal of Sleep Research”.

Thus with all these benefits don’t hesitate to take a little nap when you are into the sleep mode. The brain does require to sleep in the middle of the day. Whenever you are confused and don’t know what to do, just sleep over it.

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