One Minute Kitty Party Games For Women’s Day

Women's Day Special Game
Ladies! We are back with some fun and exciting games. And this time we chose it to be on ‘Women’s day’.  These games are super easy to arrange and will be great for adding fun to your kitty party.

From cosmetics to sarees and shoes we have covered all your favourites. Check-out these one minute games and up the fun quotient at your next kitty party.

Cosmetics Brand Game

Items needed to play:  Pen & Paper

How to play: Handover a pen and paper to all the ladies.  The participants have to write the maximum Cosmetics brand names for eg. Oriflame, Mac, Revlon, Lakme etc. in one minute.

Winner: Whoever writes the maximum names

Draping A Saree

Items needed to play: Sarees

How to play: The players can be told to drape a saree on their outfit just by tying knots, they won’t be given petticoats at all for the game!

Winner: Whoever drapes the best saree

The Shoe Exchange

Items needed to play:  Nothing

How to play: We all know shoes are an inseparable part of a woman’s wardrobe.

Make groups and ask its members to switch shoes with each other. The rule in this game is that everyone can switch only one shoe with someone else in the group. Ladies will love playing this one minute game.

Winner: The group that settles down first after switching the shoes is the winner.

Have a great time at your kitty party with these games…Happy Playing!!

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