Miraculous Benefits of Applying Oil to Your Belly Button

According to Ayurveda, the Navel Chakra of our body also known as the Manipura is associated with Fire and directly linked to sense of self. When the Manipura is out of alignment, improper processing of nutrients take place and the body suffers with issues related to digestion, eating disorders, skin ailments etc.

To stay fit and healthy it’s important to know about these natural ways one can balance the Manipura- your Belly Button. Check out these hacks for day-to-day health issues you deal with.

1. Stubborn pimples affecting your look? Apply Neem oil on your Belly button and leave overnight.

2. Rough weather making your lips dry? Apply Mustard oil on your Belly Button, Leave overnight.

3. Suffering from a running nose? Dip a cotton ball in alcohol, keep till it dries off.

4. Fertility issues? Massage lightly a tsp of coconut oil onto the belly button.

5. Keep yourself calm during menstrual cramps by keeping a cotton ball soaked in Brady on your belly button.

6. To soften your skin during winters, massage a tsp of ghee on your belly button.

7. Applying Lemon oil on your belly button helps in getting rid of face pigmentation.

8. To keep your chakras balanced, use rosewood or sandalwood oil on your belly button.

Hope these tips prove useful for you. Let us know in the Comments below.

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