Makeup Tips For Different Skin Types

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Everyone has different skin types and not that only, even a single person has different skin types differing from day to day or week to week. The skin type depends on your diet, emotional state, and health generally. So let’s discuss different types and the makeups that can be suited for them.
If you have oily skin then you must prefer oil-free foundations that won’t increase your oil problem or block pores. There are many types of blush and eyeshadows, you must avoid those that have a creamy viscosity. If you have dry skin then you should use a foundation that adds moisture to your skin. You don’t want your skin to look cracked. Normal skin types should stick to a light moisturizing foundation, their skin varies from time to time in its level of dryness, and so have a selection of cream and powder shades at different times.
Those who have a blemished skin are most discouraged to do makeup but we advise you to look for mineral foundations, especially ground minerals, both pure as well as natural, that allows the skin to breathe and give full coverage. Women who have dark skin should apply makeup with warm tones to get a natural looking skin while using foundation, they should apply one shade lighter than their skin tone, and this will give a natural look. They should not wear shiny or glossy make-up as it makes the whole look lame. A matte finish makeup looks best on dark skin.
If you have matured skin then stress using light make-up as heavy make-up will emphasize the lines and wrinkles and will make them more noticeable. You can also apply anti-ageing cream before applying face powder. If your skin type is a combination of both oily and dry skin, use foundation which acts as a powder, concealer and sun protector. Similar to oily skin, it is important for combination skin to be treated with careful cleansing before applying make-up as well as removing it.
Let’s discuss a few foundations that you can use. Matte-Finish Liquid Foundations are excellent for holding back the excess oily shine. Its downside is it can exaggerate flaky skin or wrinkles if the finish is too dry. Moisturizing Liquid Foundations are best for hydrating skin without being greasy. It is not the best option for oily skin because the moisturizing finish makes oily areas look even oilier. Anti-Aging & Serum Foundations are multitasking as they provide coverage and anti-ageing ingredients that are beneficial for all skin types. But they exaggerate their superstar ingredients’ benefits or include only minute amounts, so you’re not getting what you pay for. Pressed-Powder or Loose-Powder Foundations are easily portable, for on-the-go touch-ups. They offer a fast, easy way to get a smooth finish for normal to slightly oily or slightly dry skin. If you have dry or flaky skin, the powder foundation will absorb moisture, making your skin drier.
So as we have discussed all the skin types and the foundations you can choose for a particular skin type, we hope you make your Friday Face Glow.

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