Ladies! Time to have Fun – Kitty Party Game Ideas!

kitty party game ideas

Hello! Ladies; we know you are munching delicious food, but for a minute can you stop gossiping? Let’s combine all the excitement with some quirky kitty party games with a flavor of twist and turn and a notation to ‘ace’ the ‘race’. Still missing something? A welcoming and cheerful host, yummy snacks, tapping music and what not to entertain those amazing hours with your wonder women. Just to add the cherry on the cake, Kittybee suggests some of the 1-minute kitty party games to make everything lively. Don’t worry, it won’t take much of your time. Put your glasses on: 

The Hinglish Song

For this, you need to prepare a list of twenty Hindi songs and change their first line to English. So much fun, right? Confuse everyone and enjoy every bit of it. Distribute the list to everyone. She who guesses the maximum number of songs takes the winning bow. Let’s see who bang on this game to the finishing line.

Rajmah and Straw

Each lady is given a straw wherein she needs to pick up a maximum number of rajma placed in a bowl. The one who is able to transfer the maximum number of rajmah into the bowl in the fixed time is the winner. And why not pack the rajmah and cook at your place. 

Slay the Ice

 For this, you need to fill-in the tub with colored water and later on, put some ice cubes to make it cold as ever! After that, pour 6-7 things like balloons, bangles, rubber bands, small marbles, toothbrush, etc in the water tub. 6 items of each type is poured inside. Now, the selected players need to take out a set of 6 similar things from the water tub. The maximum time is 1 minute. So, get set go! 

Sweets Matching

Items required: Photos of 10-15 sweets, like Kaju Katli, gulab jamun, etc arranged in a simplified manner in a bowl and a specific number written on every sweet (HOST-You have to make this arrangement) papers with the name of the sweets written randomly; and pens/pencil for each participant. After the arrangements, you can distribute the sheets to all the participants, and ask them to number the sweets as per the photo. The lady who gets the maximum sweets names correct is the winner of the game. These types of game are good to go for the Indian ladies and of course, they are easy to play and arrange.

Pick the Coin

Place the number of coins and ask each player to pick as many coins as possible in a fixed time slot of 1 minute, specifically using only one hand. To make the game more interesting, pour a drop of oil on the coin to make it slippery. The one who picks the maximum number of coins is clearly the winner. 

Kittybee Flavor

 Wear your favorite attire; put on the best lipstick shade; those heels are waiting for you, and you are all set to mesmerize your kitty party. We hope these games will be good to go for your day too. Enjoy!

 Make this your Day!

 Thanks for reading!

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