Interview With Rajshree Sarda: Counsellor & Psychologist

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A trail of nature welcomed us as we entered her house. We were fascinated to experience the sight of herbs, flowers, long trees and had to literally stop ourselves to succumb to the visual treat and instead focus on the task in mind.

It’s now time to introduce Mrs Rajshree Sarda, a renowned tricity based psychologist and counsellor. In this interview with KittyBee, she talks about her career, parenting, family relations and so much more. Other than attending her clients at home, her work extends across schools whereupon she works with parents, teachers and students to enhance their emotional well-being. We were truly inspired by her and are sure you too would find immense pleasure reading about her journey!

Tell us about yourself and what you do?
I am Rajshree Sarda, a psychologist by profession and I do counselling in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali.

What inspired you to pursue a career as a psychologist/ counsellor?
Frankly, I never thought I would have a career of my own because we were never raised to have a career. But fortunately I did my post graduation in psychology and after good 8 years of my marriage, a friend of mine told me that I was good with interpersonal relations and I should venture into something like counselling. Counselling 25 years back was unheard of at least not in India and Chandigarh is a very small place so nobody virtually knew about counselling but I just decided to give it a shot because that was what I knew and that’s what I had studied. So before I went into professionally, I underwent one year advanced professional course in psychological counselling and I thought let me give it a try and if it works wonderful it will be my alternative career otherwise I am happy the way I am.

Did you face any bitter experience?
There have been no major bitter experiences but yes in life you do meet people who empower you, who make you feel good. There are also some people for whom you do a lot but they end up disappointing you.  I have gone through disappointments as well but nothing so major to put me down.

A quality one should possess to understand the psychology of a person?
I think we should just be non-judgmental when we are dealing with people. The moment we start passing judgments, the relationship itself takes a back seat because we wouldn’t like it if people made judgments on us. So why would somebody else like if we form judgments and categorize them as good or bad? Honestly, I don’t make judgments. My friends can be doing anything, the people I know can indulge in anything I know they shouldn’t  it could be corruption, it could be an extramarital affair, it could be dishonesty as long as their relationship with me is on the right path, it doesn’t matter to me.

Some look down upon housewife’s to be doing nothing. Would you like to say anything about it?
It’s what you do with love is important. You enjoy working and you like to go out it’s a good idea but if someone is happy staying at home, taking care of the home, it’s pleasant, its sweet. I think that is a big job and also many people think it’s a thankless job. I do not think so. As long as any woman is a homemaker she needs to take pride in that. Unfortunately what has started happening is that everyone wants to project that they are career oriented, there is nothing wrong with that but if you are not into career why do you want to talk about it? Take pride in your house, keep your house pretty and neat, take care of your guests, take care of the people who work for you, your servants. Do that and I don’t think you need to feel small at all. More important is if you can bring stability in the house, for me that is the best gift anybody can give me.

A message you would like to convey to all the women out there.
Believe in yourself and don’t always run for approval seeking. I am sure you know best whether you are doing the right thing or not and when you are confused to take the help of an expert. If you fall ill you go to the doctor, if you have a legal problem you go to the lawyer so if you have anything in emotions or your emotions are entangled then approach the right person.

What are your dreams and future plans?
My immediate future plan is that I want to run classes for young girls who are about to get married or who have got married. I see too many problems these days where young girls come and visit me where they are unhappy, they haven’t adjusted, they have so many expectations, both the mother in law and daughter in law. If the gap can be reduced between them I think that’s the best gift I can give.

Do you know about KittyBee? Share your views.
It is an exciting platform for a lot of women who have a lot to offer but they don’t have the right resources to go to. So this is one area where they can talk about their feelings, they can talk about helping people; they can talk about new projects and also advertise what they wish too.

Thank you, Mrs Rajshree Sarda for this amazing interview and making our day really productive.

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