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Bee of the week Ishika Chandna
A charming young lady with a beautiful smile welcomed us to her abode. Our intellectual Bee Of The Week amazed us with her smartness and motivational thoughts. At the tender age of 21, this teacher turned Author has accomplished a lot and thrives to achieve more.

KittyBee is delighted to introduce, Ishika Chandana – a teacher, author, motivational speaker as well as a content writer.  Having authored two books on Business Studies which are great for self help, Ishika takes us on a journey where she overcame hurdles life threw at her, yet came out to be successful.

What inspired you to pursue a career in the education field?

My journey towards this teaching profession has been with various ups and downs. My selection of ‘teaching’ as a profession was like a very vague goal. As they say that when you plan something, you don’t get successful but when things are unplanned they lead you to success. Earlier I wanted to become an air hostess, then I changed it to Law, then CA and finally I quenched my thirst in being a teacher. Teaching gives me immense happiness and it helps me to connect with the youth and bring out the best in them.

One thing that you admire the most about your job?

It helps me to connect with the youth as I love to interact with them and motivate them. If I can bring out the best in somebody, I guess it is the best thing. Because I believe teach others to the best of their ability even if it’s a single sentence or a phrase.

Did you face any bitter experience? 

I have experienced many things in life. Last 5-6 years of my life has been a roller coaster and have gone through a lot and also faced depression, anxiety, stress, family issues, huge financial issues and what not. If today I’m at this platform it’s all because of faith and support of my family. I was able to overcome my problem of anxiety, stress and depression. Struggles are very important in one’s life. If a person does not get to face struggles, he won’t know the actual meaning of life. I am happy that I have seen struggles from every aspect and because of that, I’m at this platform.

In your opinion what qualities do students look for in their teacher?

The qualities I would say they ensure is the way a teacher is teaching, does he/she have a cranky behaviour, and how much he/she understands a child. Apart from teaching, a student sees whether a teacher is able to bring personal growth and development in him/her or not. And that I would say is important, because if I am teaching and taking tuition, teaching is not my sole motive, it is to improve the overall growth of the person.

A quality one should possess to make a mark in this industry?

One quality, I must say that a teacher should possess to make a mark in this industry is to connect with the students, to develop their skills and abilities and to find out the latent abilities in them. I guess teaching is a profession that is not for minting money; it is about spreading knowledge and empowering education and developing the overall skills and abilities of a child.

What are your plans and dreams for the future?

My life term goals are to become a good teacher, to pursue PhD, to not only write educational books but to write books regarding motivation, success and the people who actually have gone through a lot in their life. I also want to become a child counsellor and a good motivational speaker. Once in my lifetime want to speak on TED Talks stage and I really want that my name comes up in the Forbes magazine.

How do you use technology in driving the interest of your students?

Technology plays a very important role in every area. It has a significant role in the area of education as well. You can get a lot many questions on the internet. You can get previous year papers, guidelines and strategies on how you can actually ace in board examinations. Today’s generation prefers studying through YouTube and notes available online because they rely more on technological advancements. Also, I feel that social networking is the best way to communicate with the youth. Recently I have also made my YouTube channel just because I want to connect with the youth on a large scale.

A message you would like to convey to all the women out there. 

A message, especially for girls is that do not get carried away from your life’s problems. The challenges that you are facing whether it is friendship issues, relationship issues or family issues don’t hope. All these things are very important in life and you learn a lot from it. Always remember, whatever problems you are facing in your life are temporary in nature. Every problem that is coming your way will pass and there’s always a solution for every problem. If pain comes so will the happiness. If people taunt you that you are not capable enough, don’t believe them. You are more capable than you think. Success is just a matter of perseverance, perseverance and perseverance!

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Her story has truly inspired us and this is just the beginning. We are sure that Ishika will achieve great heights and will soon share the highlights of her new journey with us.

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