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This year, as we celebrate International Yoga Day, the popularity of this day itself speaks volumes about the popularity of Yoga in the modern day world. This event has united the world on a common platform. People have realized up to the therapeutic benefits of this life science and now are making it a part of their life.

The modern day lifestyle is as such where humans struggle with physical and physiological stress in their lives. This is where yoga comes as a rescue to alleviate the physical and mental stress. Based on the holistic principles of harmony and unification within body and nature, Yoga’s simple postures leave a powerful impact against our busy lifestyle demands. It is not only a great solution to stay fit, but has also emerged as a form of therapy. Many chronic ailments like Asthma, Diabetes, Blood pressure, Arthritis have found a great solution in Yoga. All these facts convey the reason why Yoga  should be a part of our lives.

More than a discipline to stay fit and healthy, Yoga acts as a link between an individual and his true inner self. 

In today’s world, almost everyone seems to be in a hurry to be somewhere and reaching nowhere, and we rarely sit back and reflect upon what this does to our overall well being. Time is certainly moving faster these days, leaving many people feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious.

By learning to stay focused, understanding priorities in your life, and making better decisions about how you utilise the time in hand, you can gain a sense of clarity and create peaceful, purposeful and celebrated life experience. Taking control of yourself, gaining clarity on what you truly want and need to attain,is an inspirational, and transformational experience, and yoga is a powerful tool to help you accomplish this.

It takes concentration and perseverance to live a balanced and fulfilled life, and that cannot be attained without being disciplined about taking time out consciously. It is never bad to be selfish about your well being and have a healthy mind and body. To live well, you need to take control of how you think, feel and act, so that you can restore your vitality, and create a life path that feels more supportive and wholesome.

Through yoga asanas we learn to bring energy and vitality into our bodies. With simple Praanayam practices (breathing), we learn to focus and relax our minds, and this allows us the ability to reflect upon our inner selves.

Inner reflection leads to greater self-awareness. From this, we learn to move towards clarity and wisdom, becoming powerful creators of a life that we want to live.

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