Dream To Be Extraordinary with Saya Khimta – Owner of Saya Educationals

What comes to your mind when asked to name the teachers who have made the greatest impact on you? Warm, energetic, enthusiastic, organized, impartial, and competent right? Team KittyBee got an opportunity to interview one such teacher, who has been shaping the minds and life of students since a very young age. Meet Saya Khimta, owner of “Saya Educationals” – coaching institute known to provide PTE and IELTS training to students of all age groups.

Saya started her career by joining a renowned tricity based institution that provides IELTS/ PTE coaching. After gaining requisite experience, she started with her own setup by the name “Saya
Educationals” and is in this field since the last 3 years.

What inspired you to pursue a career in the education field?

I have a strong faith in the education system and believe that education is the only thing that shapes one’s career. If I talk specifically about “Saya Educationals”, I started with my own coaching centre because PTE and IELTS is the only sphere where I not only teach 18-19-year-old students but also get an opportunity to teach diverse age brackets, belonging to different professions.

One thing that you admire the most about your job?

The students I teach are older than me but the way they respect me and appreciate my efforts, I really like that. It is through imparting education, I get an opportunity where I can convince different people with my concept clarity techniques and this is the best thing I like about my job.

A quality one should possess to make a mark in this industry?

In my opinion, one quality that every teacher should possess is the power to make the students feel comfortable so that any student can easily ask a question for better clarity of the concepts. Apart from that, you should not only have the subject-oriented knowledge but also know about the new events happening around you. This way no student will leave the classroom half satisfied.

What are your plans and dreams for the future?

When I started Saya Educationals, it was on a very small scale. The factor that motivated me was the unconditional faith of my students in me. They appreciated my teaching skills and efforts. Now, I not only want to expand Saya Educationals in Tricity but also plan to set-up in abroad.

A message you would like to convey to all the women out there.

Don’t stick to your comfort zone. If you want to make a career, step out of your comfort zone and you will also need to take a risk. When I planned setting-up Saya Educationals, I was just 24 years old. It was a risk for me too but the prestige that I am enjoying today is worth taking that risk. You should never think that being a girl is a constraint. If boys are excelling in their respective fields, then girls are also not lagging behind.

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