How to Make Nail Paint to Stay for a Longer Time?

Nail polish always compliments our fingers and toes, giving a good-looking appeal but difficulty arises when nail polish starts chipping off in a day or two only. There is no certain technique to apply nail paint in a way that it may last longer, but there are ways to take precautions to save our nail paints from disappearing. Nail paints wear off during the day as hands are in action all over the day in activities like typing, cleaning, washing, eating, bathing etc. It becomes harder for a manicure to stay long.

So today we are going to discuss the tips to keep your nail paint shining for a longer time:

Shorter nails —The tips of long nails are exposed to many things like keys, doors, cutting vegetables, peeling stickers. Long nails are most susceptible to injuries. Shorter nails, on the contrary, don’t get injured throughout any activity.

Investment in the best top coat- A good quality top paint has more chances of lasting longer than any other ordinary paint. An investment in top coat is an investment in keeping nail paints for a longer time.

Using gloves— Nails as well as nail polishes get damaged most by activities like washing and cleaning clothes with soap and water. Both Soap and water contain chemicals that have a tendency to dry out nail paints, making them look dull and faded. A good pair of rubber gloves can be a lifesaver for both nails as well as nail paints. It will help you to retain your nail polish for a longer time.


Nail enamel

nail enamel

If you apply a protection layer it can make your nail paint stay for a longer time. Certain women have a habit of applying nail polish directly. For this, you should get a good quality nail enamel from a market and apply it on your hand nails. After the enamel is dried, only then you should apply nail polish.

Oiling nails

nail paint

If you apply oil on your nails it can effectively retain nail polish for a long time. Oils that can use for this are listed: natural essential oils like olive oil, lavender oil or jojoba oil. You may apply it to nail cuticles so that it will hold nail polish from all corners. This use of oils also gives enough moisture to your nail that provides extra strength.

Layer after layer

Many ladies apply coats of nail polish all at once. Not only it is a bad decision but it will also ruin the look of nail polish. It will hardly stay for a long time. The right method is to put the one coat initially. This first coating should be a thin layer which serves an important purpose. Then you should allow this coating to dry for an hour. Then you should apply another coating. You should let this coating dry for an hour. In case you are still not satisfied with the color you may apply another coat after the second coat has dried. This will make your nail look attractive with a good finish.

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