Kitty Diary

Keeping a track of all your Kitty groups, its members, payment schedules, attendance, host selection etc. can be a bit daunting. To help ease this task we created the ‘Kitty Diary' feature in the KittyBee app. It helps you to maintain all relevant records. All you need to do is download the kitty party organizer app and avail its countless benefits!

Features kittybee app

features KittyBee

Bee Chat

Tired of calling members countless times to inform them about the kitty? The app's outstanding feature - Bee Chat, allows you to send reminders to your kitty group members, share pictures, gossip and lots more. We understand how important it is to keep up communication with all members of your different kitty groups. So, we customized it for you making it as simple and user-friendly as possible.


Shop at the outlet of our partner merchants and earn points by showing your KittyBee app at the store. Store the points in your BeePouch and you can later redeem it at various partner service providers such as salons, hotels, restaurants, spas etc.

features kittyBee App

KittyBee features

Kitty Manager

Hard to find a good kitty party venue? With the help of Kitty Manager, you can not only book a great hotel or restaurant for your social gathering but can also avail latest kitty offers. Also, the entire responsibility of making reservations, planning, taking care of party arrangements and even customizing according to your specific requirements will be taken care by us. Talk to our experienced representative by giving a call to the provided number. It is your personal Event Planner on your finger tips.


Our mini magazine section will provide you information about beauty tips, recipes, games, fashion and much more.


kitty party game

Kitty Games

Add a spark to any event by learning about new and innovative kitty party games throughout "Kitty Games" feature. We make it a point to share new, exciting games, so you can have unlimited fun with your kitty members.

Kitty Bhabhi

Going through hard times or emotional breakdown? Don't know whom to trust or share your problem with? We’d love to be your confidante. Send in your query to Kitty Bhabhi and get expert advice from relationship experts. Mail your query at info@kittybee.in and receive a practical solution.

features Kitty Bhabi

KittyBee App Offers

Discover Deals

Thinking of booking a kitty venue or splurging in a little treat? Our merchant partners that range from Restaurants, Jewelers, Boutiques, Taxicabs, Health Clubs, Salons, etc. provide discount privileges on products and /or services to all members of the KittyBee App. These offers are created exclusively and are available for our valued KittyBee members only! Now book party online and avail amazing benefits through one app.


KittyBee is a versatile app that alerts all its members about shows, exhibitions, fairs, festivals and all the happening events around the city.

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features KittyBee

My Kitty

Tired of keeping a track of schedules of all your different kitties? The KittyBee calendar is just the answer to such problems. Mark all your kitty dates on your personal kitty calendar and you won't ever have to worry about last-minute date & time clashes or coordination.


With the all new, secured UPI Payment feature from KittyBee, you can make a number of payments and transfer money in just a few clicks.
Here How It Works:
1. Click on register and verify the phone number that links with your current bank account number.
2. After the verification is complete, you will get your UPI ID.
3. Choose the bank you wish to access your account from.
4. Now make bill payments and transfer money in just a few clicks with the most secured UPI gateway.

features KittyBee