English Vinglish – An Icebreaker Kitty Party Game

Do you have such ladies in your kitty party group who show off a lot while using a heavy vocab? We understand that this behaviour can be a little irritating at times. KittyBee is back with another game that will definitely make your kitty party more interesting and come alive, let alone help you tackle the “too much English speaking” ladies.

Let’s Get Started!
  • Make everyone sit in a circle.
  • Pick a category such as Fruits, Animals or Places or whatever you find the best.
  • Once the category is selected, you can start the game with a word that starts with A. For example: If your category is Places, the first participant has to say the name of a place that starts with A (Ahmedabad).
  • The next person will say a name that starts with B (Bombay).
  • Each one of them will get a time limit (say 5-10) seconds to continue the chain.
  • Whoever takes more than the specified time, will be Out.
  • The one who stays till last will be the “Vocabulary Queen” and the winner!

Go ahead ladies and test your vocabulary with this kitty party game.

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