Different Ways Of Playing Tambola Game At A Kitty Party

Tambola Game

Tambola game is the heart and soul of every kitty party and is also one of the most loved ladies kitty party game. We get a number of queries on how to play tambola differently. So here we have come up with fun and exciting ways of playing the “Game of Numbers”!

Reversible Tambola (Ulta-Pulta)

Playing this game is opposite to the conventional tambola game. Supposing if the caller says 34, the player has to cut 43. The player who is able to cut the maximum numbers like this and reach the winning point wins in the Reversible Tambola Game.

Young And Old

In this game, numbers 1-45 are considered ‘Young’ and 46-98 ‘Old’. Among these numbers, the player who claims young/old in the first place wins!

Even & Odd Numbers

When the player claims all the even numbers of the ticket, wins. Likewise, the player, who claims all the odd numbers, wins the game!


When a player strikes off all the border numbers of a tambola ticket is the winner.

Keep Playing! Keep Winning!

Stay Tuned with KittyBee for more such exciting ways of playing Tambola.

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