Different Ways Of Playing Tambola Game At Kitty Party (Part 2)

Different ways of palying tambola game at kitty party part 2

Ladies! We are back with some more exciting ways of playing Tambola. So, charge yourself up, let the suspense build, believe in your luck and get set go..!!


When a player strikes off all the border numbers of a tambola ticket,  she is the winner of this particular round.


Bull’s Eye

The player who claims the middle number of the 2nd line will be the winner of bull’s eye.

Bull's Eye

Three Blocks

To play this tambola, all the players have to divide tambola into 3 parts- 1st three columns, 2nd three columns and last three columns. The player who claims any of the blocks in the first place is the winner.

Three Blocks

Call Your Number

Every player will call a number of her choice like the caller. The player who calls off the winning number will be the winner.

Pass The Ticket

All the players will sit in a circle, every time when the caller says a number the player has to cut that particular number (if it is there in the ticket) and pass it to the next player. Similarly, all the players have to pass their ticket.For example- A, B, C and D are four players, the caller says a single number 3, players A, B, C and D will find number 3 in the ticket and cut it (if it is there in the ticket) and pass on the ticket. (A has to pass on to B, B to C, C to D and has to pass on to A) and the game will pass on like this.

The player who gets the ticket with all the numbers stricked off will be the winner.

Here’s how you can make Tambola play differently at your next kitty party!

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