Difference Between Concealer, Primer and Foundation

Many women find it hard to differentiate between concealer, foundation, and primer. But they aren’t the ones to blame because of the presence of such a wide range of cosmetic products and brand marketing. It becomes hard to figure out what we really need. So we are going to show you the differences between these three here.

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It has to be the first thing to apply before makeup routine. You must apply primer after you apply your moisturizer. It’ll make skin shiny and remove any fine lines and visible pores. Primer constructs a smooth canvas for your foundation and makes the cosmetics last longer. There are many types of primers in the market, but you need to choose one that suits your skin.

Primer isn’t only for the face. For e.g., if you’re wearing shadow or liner, eyelid primes are essential. Go for the Balm, put a lid on it. Eyelid primer is used for eye makeup to last all day long in order to create a smooth, crease-free finish.

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Foundation is an ideal product if you are trying to create a uniform skin tone. Some women apply concealer before applying foundation, but the right step is to apply foundation before concealer. If you apply concealer first, it’ll end up getting filthy after mixing with your makeup. You should put on a primer, for an ideal skin tone, and then apply foundation.To find the right foundation for you, you should start testing it. You should match it up with your chest as it is the best way to pick a foundation. If you’re also tanned there, you can test your makeup colors on the back of your hand.

You should put on a few samples on your skin, and then you can check your makeup in natural light. You shouldn’t rely on store lighting as it can be misleading. Therefore, you should be testing your foundation under the sun as it’s worth it. Once you’ve selected a perfect shade of foundation you should stick with that brand.

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Once you are done applying primer and foundation, your skin will already be looking amazing. These two steps are enough for many women but some women want to go further. Thus, concealer comes into use. It is used to remove red spots and dark circles.It doesn’t matter what skin type you have, it is important to have two concealers in your purse. You should apply the concealer as when it’s needed. It creates a perfect look. You should remember that it’s best to start with a small pat and progress upwards.

Thus now as we have defined these three- primer, foundation and concealer. Now you know their difference and must be knowing how you should apply them.

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