Dealing With Hunger Pangs During Dieting

Dieting is pretty common nowadays as the people are becoming health conscious and body conscious. To shed weight people resort to dieting which is a very unhealthy way to become slim. Dieting puts body in lot of pressure as it devoids the body of energy that it needs to undergo the daily routine. The excess fat in body can’t be immediately converted into useful energy. So our body undergoes hunger pangs or pains during dieting. So today we are going to discuss how to maintain body weight by eating healthy instead of dieting.
Here are a few ways to stop those irritating hunger pangs.

breakfast for hunger pangs


Eating breakfast can help you escape hunger pangs. Our stomach starts getting hunger pangs after 12 to 24 hours from last ingestion of food. Hunger pangs due to skipping breakfast can increase during day and can even push you to go resort for unhealthy snacks. These hunger pangs due to breakfast skipping are more in young people as they have more muscle tone than older people.

hydrated drink water


If you stay hydrated you can escape your hunger pangs. Staying hydrated keeps body in good function and also gives the brain satisfaction of having full stomach. Eight glasses of water daily is recommended by various studies . We need to understand that these hunger pangs are caused solely by brain.

spices turmeric ginger


You can control your hunger pangs by adding spices to your meals as well as snacks. Spices such as ginger, turmeric, curry, chili powder give the brain impression of full stomach. So these spices can help you reduce your hunger pangs and may also help in boosting metabolism.

protein eggs


Protein can satiate your hunger pangs very effectively. It keeps the stomach full, also it boosts your metabolism and helps in reducing the fats significantly. Eating two to three ounces of protein increases fat metabolism by 32 percent, and lasts up to four hours. So you can eat protein in form of egg whites or whey protein every four hours.

sugar intake


There are many pseudo sugar foods like corn syrup, high-fructose syrup, brown sugar, honey, maltose, corn sweeteners, and dextrose. You should eat sugar foods fixed with meals to control your hunger pangs. There was a study in which it was shown that communication between the digestive tract and brain’s fullness center was disturbed by high-fructose corn syrup which made appetite control quite difficult.

exercise regularly


Exercising has many benefits to the body as well as mind. Regularly exercising helps keep brain functioning better and also keeps our body well. It flushes out all the toxins. Not only that, but it also helps in ending your hunger pangs. It does so by regulating our appetite which controls hunger pangs. This was studied in 2008 study which was published in the American Journal of Physiology.

Thus you can adopt all these suggestions and incorporate into your lifestyle. This will not only end your hunger pangs but also will help in controlling your body.

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