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Benefits Of Having A Personal Trainer

There are many benefits to having a personal trainer. It is really hard to find motivation while working out, a personal trainer can help you. So many people easily give up in the middle. Initially, everyone is excited to work out but only a few can keep up their working routine. Let’s discuss the benefits: […]
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The Ultimate Guide For Your Next Bra Shopping

The Ultimate Guide For Your Next Bra Shopping   Let’s admit- once in a while when we are really excited about adorning that lovely, deep neck blouse with a gorgeous saree, we think twice before deciding on the intimates. Nope, there’s no way we can let that shoulder-cheek spoil the grandeur of the attire. There are […]
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Today’s Recipe – Quick and easy Chaat-Papri at home.

Quick and easy Chaat-Papri  at home.   Ingredients:   1.Readymade papri from your grocery store 2.Boiled potatoes, peeled and diced 3.Sprouts of green moong dal 4.Diced onions 5.Chopped coriander and green chillies 6.Sweet tamarind chutney 7.Mint chutney 8.Fresh curd, whipped 9.Chaat masala 10.Jeera powder 11.Salt to taste   Method: (For each serving)   1.In a […]
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New Kitty Game – Rummage the Handbag

Let’s put the beautiful handbags the ladies carry to good use J   Rummage the Handbag.   Here’s a very simple game to engage your Kitty friends with.   You don’t need any items for playing this game   The ladies have to rummage through their purse and count the number of items in it. The […]
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Today’s Recipe – Butter Murukku

Tired of offering the same old snacks to your guests? Don’t worry, KittyBee is here to save your Diwali preparations. Butter murukku is a very simple and easy recipe that you can prepare fast and serve fresh. Now, you don’t have to depend on outdoor snacks anymore.   You will need   Rice Flour – […]
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New Kitty Game – The Bangle Game!

The bangle game!   Here is an interesting game which doesn’t need any effort at all!   What you need:   Lots of bangles of different colours A basket to keep them in A pen and paper   Method:   On a piece of paper assign points to each colour of bangles, but do not […]
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Tomato Sandwich Recipe

The quick on the run simple Tomato sandwich with a yummy spicy twist!!   Ingredients:   4 slices bread of your choice (plain/multigrain/rye) 2tbsp ketchup 1 tbsp mayonnaise ½ tsp hot pepper sauce Salt and pepper to taste. 2 leaves lettuce 1 tomato sliced   Method:   Mix the ketchup, mayonnaise, pepper sauce, salt and […]
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Beauty Tip – Tips for the perfect pout!

Lipstick when applied well can enhance your face and make it look bright and beautiful. Just keep these simple tips in mind and you will have a beautifully painted set of lips.   1.Make sure you use good products 2.Dab a little compact on your lips for long lasting lipstick. 3.Use a lip liner to […]
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