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Dealing With Hunger Pangs During Dieting

Dieting is pretty common nowadays as the people are becoming health conscious and body conscious. To shed weight people resort to dieting which is a very unhealthy way to become slim. Dieting puts body in lot of pressure as it devoids the body of energy that it needs to undergo the daily routine. The excess […]
by Kittybee Developer / October 28, 2018 /In Lifestyle & Health
Hunger Pangs during Dieting

Baby Products For Sensitive Skin

Babies are very delicate and so is their skin. They are too much prone to rashes, irritation, dryness. Due to this baby skincare products are very carefully designed for newborn by making them chemical-free, dye-free, and fragrance-free. But nowadays dermatologists are recommending these baby products to their adult patients because of the chemical-free properties of […]
by Kittybee Developer / October 26, 2018 /In Lifestyle & Health
Protein powder for women

Protein Powders Specially Made For Women

Everyone is going for protein powder these days for building up their bodies. Mostly men use protein powder recommended by their fitness trainers. The trend of consuming protein powder is also growing among women. So today we are going to discuss some protein powders especially for women: 1. Whey Protein: The most popular protein powder […]
by Kittybee Developer / October 23, 2018 /In Lifestyle & Health
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One Power Nap A Day Boost Your Brain

A new study emerged which analysed the relation between brain activity before and after naps. It found out that taking a power nap can change the way you make decisions positively. The Medical Research Council-funded study, conducted by University of Bristol researchers, researched whether a short period of sleep can aid us in processing of […]
by Kittybee Developer / October 19, 2018 /In Lifestyle & Health
Looking beautiful without makeup

Look Beautiful Without Makeup

Makeup is a temporary cure for a beautiful face. But true beauty comes from inside not just in a literal way but in a biological way too. It is true that “You are what you eat”. Essential things like diet, habits, and lifestyle play a very important role in maintaining beauty. So today we will […]
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Hair Treatments You Need To Know

Hair fall has become everyone’s problem these days. There are many reasons for hair fall. Dull and Dry hair is also a common problem nowadays. Some of the reasons can be – bleaching your hair, highlights and use of semi-permanent dyes, perms, curling iron and blow dryer, tight hairstyles, over-brushing your hair. Hair straightening shampoos […]
by Kittybee Developer / October 18, 2018 /In Lifestyle & Health, Makeup Tips
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Time To Play With Monochrome

Monochrome jackets are new in fashion. Their demand has been on a steady rise. They can be worn on many occasions from formal to parties and even can be extended to weddings. Cover story: The monochrome jackets are quite trendy as well as sophisticated. You can wear them at a party, office or on vacation. […]
by Kittybee Developer / October 13, 2018 /In Lifestyle & Health