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To Test Humans, God Created Mondays! These Thoughts Followed…

  Is it Monday already? Yes, I know we all ask this question every week. In winters it becomes even more difficult to leave our cosy cocoon. Dressing up like an adult to take the responsibilities of the day or week is not a child’s play. It asks for serious determination, hard work and skills. […]
by kittybee / October 30, 2017 /In kittybee

Shopping Mistakes That You Need To Stop Making Today

Hello ladies, all set for a shopping spree? Well, today I have a confession to make. You know how hard it is to suppress that fire within you for shopping in winters. So, I invited my kitty party gang and went for shopping. After enjoying a good evening with my friends and with lots of […]
by kittybee / October 25, 2017 /In kittybee

Are You Making These Mistakes While Having Sex?

  That moment- when your eyes are shut, heart starts pounding a couple of notches higher, breathing gets heavier and boom! One mistake and things vanish mid-air. Intimate moments are the best part in a couple relationship. It keeps the romance and love going between two people. While men often don’t realize that what they […]
by kittybee / October 14, 2017 /In kittybee, Lifestyle & Health