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Anchor Ekanshi Singh

The girl with ONE desire: Meet Anchor Ekanshi Singh

Her challenges didn’t stop her from following her passion. This bubbly Punjaban is full of life. When weight was an issue, she worked hard to lose 15 kgs and today she looks amazingly fit. Her way of presenting herself inspires other people. Team KittyBee is delighted to share the beautiful journey of Anchor Ekanshi Singh. […]
by kittybee / January 8, 2018 /In Bee of the Week
Gick Garewal

She Has Many Feathers In Her Hat – Meet Gick Garewal

 “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” Theatre is the greatest art form. Why, because it’s a place where an artist puts his heart and soul into a character that makes people see the truth about life and social situations. The artist does not wear a mask and hides, […]
by kittybee / December 18, 2017 /In Bee of the Week
Bee of the week_Sharmita Bhinder

Why I Never Gave Up Hope As A Mother Of Special Child

  She is not weak. She is freakishly strong and likes to dress up. She knows how ONE person can make a difference. A child’s disability is not something that should be made fun of neither shall they be limited to just making candles. She challenged herself and started working towards creating better life and […]
by kittybee / December 11, 2017 /In Bee of the Week

Bee of the Week – Monica Sood

Bee Of the Week – Monica Sood   Monica’s cakes literally take the cake !!!!   Monica Sood is a Cordon Bleu chef and she cannot be described as anything short of that. She comes across as a person as sweet and elegant as the cakes and delicacies she whips up.   Monica got married […]
by superadmin / December 6, 2017 /In Bee of the Week
dance dacha

Making Dance A Form Of Expression, Meet Jas K Shan

How well you dance is a tribute to your artistry and how well you learn from us is a tribute to your craftsmanship. Jasmeet K Shan, Founder/Director of Jas K Shan’s Dance Dacha stands as a testimony to how a person can succeed at almost anything with unlimited enthusiasm. It is one of its kind dance facilitation centre […]
by kittybee / November 20, 2017 /In Bee of the Week