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oldest woman youtuber Karre Mastanamma

Meet Karre Mastanamma, The Eldest Woman YouTuber…

She is 107 years old and she is an Indian. Meet Karre Mastanamma, a grandmother who is a YouTube sensation. A native of Andhra Pradesh, Mastanamma was born Martamma in a village Kopalle in Andhra Pradesh. She was adopted by a Muslim family as they didn’t have a daughter. They named her Mastanamma. But she […]
by Kittybee Developer / July 2, 2018 /In Bee of the Week
Ekakshra Jain_Bee of the week

Interview with Ekakshra Jain: Dream Catcher Studio Owner

Dream catchers are made of web patterns with threads, beads, feathers. The main reason to put it is to purify negativity through the mandala and give you a very pure and soothing feeling through the feathers. With this view, our Bee-of-the-Week, Ekakshra Jain -founder of Pitara India, started making dream catchers. In a quiet, dreamy little corner, […]
by Kittybee Developer / March 26, 2018 /In Bee of the Week
Bee of the week Ishika Chandna

Interview With Ishika Chandna: Author & Teacher

A charming young lady with a beautiful smile welcomed us to her abode. Our intellectual Bee Of The Week amazed us with her smartness and motivational thoughts. At the tender age of 21, this teacher turned Author has accomplished a lot and thrives to achieve more. KittyBee is delighted to introduce, Ishika Chandana – a teacher, author, motivational […]
by Kittybee Developer / March 5, 2018 /In Bee of the Week

An Interview With Ritu Ohri: Owner Of Baker’s Hut

Does the sweet smell of freshly baked breads, cakes and cookies take over you the moment you enter a bakery shop? If you experience something like this, you will be delighted to meet our this week’s interviewee. Please join us in welcoming Ritu Ohri, owner of The Bakers Hut, sector 20 Panchkula. Team KittyBee recently spoke to her to […]
by Kittybee Developer / February 20, 2018 /In Bee of the Week
BOW_Sushma Paul

Discover A New You With Sushma Paul – The Owner Of Holiday Cellar

  “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before”, says Dalai Lama. If you are a travel enthusiast and love exploring new places, then you’ll be glad to meet our this week’s interviewee. KittyBee welcomes, Sushma Paul – owner of ‘Holiday Cellar’. The company provides holiday packages to suit the unique needs of all kind of travellers. In […]
by kittybee / January 29, 2018 /In Bee of the Week