Different Ways To Boost Your Hair Growth

Every girl wishes to have long hair tresses that she can show off. It highlights your looks and enhances the dresses that you wear. But nowadays when everyone is grappling with hair fall problem, we are going to show you how to boost your hair growth.

Massaging your dry scalp:

Massage has a magical effect on your hair. It increases the growth of your hair by stimulating blood flow to the scalp, thereby serving the nutrients to the hair follicles faster. All you need to do is to work on your scalp using your fingers for healthier hair and fast growth of your hair.

dry hair massage for hair growth


Massaging your Wet hair:

A morning shower with a head massage can brighten your day. You should massage your scalp with the help of your fingertips while taking the shower. You can start from the back of your neck and move along the hairline to get optimum results.

wet hair massage


Get a trim for hair growth:

Yes, you need to trim your hair regularly for hair growth. You may be thinking why to include this in the list. Why should you cut your hair when you are trying to lengthen them? You’re probably worried about a loss of inches of your hair length that you are already struggling to grow. But if you really want faster hair growth, you must take a trip to saloon more frequently.

trim hair girls


Taking the accurate supplements:

Our hair requires special nutrients for faster growth. Did you ever think you need TLC more than you know, and consuming right vitamins is the effective way to increase their level? You can easily get vitamins over a counter that encompass antioxidants and B vitamins which are great for hair strengthening, and also supplements like biotin which is known to encourage healthier hair.

hair supplements


Rinse with cold water:

Rinsing your hair with cold water is the most recommended advice we will give you. This is an important part of hair cleansing that you should always adapt. After you’ve applied your shampoo and conditioner, you should stand under the shower and let your hair soak in cold water. You can also massage your hair during this. It will help to prevent loss of moisture, while also closing in your hair cuticles. While rinsing with cold water strengthens your hair, we will also advise you to avoid using blistering hot water for washing hair, as it may dry out your hair strands and weaken them instead.

rinsing with water


Restrict usage of heat styling tools:

You may not be aware but the hairstyling tools that you use like straightener and curling iron tend to damage your hair. These require heat which heats up the hair making them weak and brittle.

Thus with all these methods, you will be able to boost your hair growth easily. But what’s also important is to avoid habits that discourage hair growth like smoking. These methods won’t work if you are not leaving things that are bad for your hair growth. All the best for your hair growth!

heating tools straightener


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