Shoes Every Woman Should Own

7 Types Of Footwear Every Woman Should Own

Every woman knows what type of clothes work best for her. But a difficulty many women face on a daily basis is the choice of footwear. It is highly important that your footwear collection matches your wardrobe but the comfort aspect is also essential. To help you make the right choice and look your best […]
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Story House Plants That Can Help You Sleep Better

5 Low-Maintenance House Plants That You Need For A Better Sleep

Tired of sleepless nights? There’s definitely nothing worse than turning and tossing in the bed all night long. Due to lack of sleep, your body becomes less productive that highly affects your mood and ultimately the quality of life deteriorate. But there’s one thing that can help you sleep without putting in a lot of effort. No, we are not talking about those sleeping pills. Mother Nature has a […]
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Dicey -Dice-kittybee

Dicey Dice – New Kitty Party Game

When you have a ladies get together nothing could be better for adding fun than an exciting kitty party game. The host is always on a lookout for some amazing games that are not only hassle-free to arrange but also be an icebreaker with the new members of your kitty group. This is why KittyBee shares a unique kitty party game with […]
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Panel Discussion: Women Empowerment In Today’s Time

A panel discussion was organised on 15th February, 2018 in Chandigarh by one the most unique global network and international women chamber ‘All Ladies League (ALL) on the subject ‘Women Empowerment’. Prominent personalities like Actor Savita Bhatti, Professor Dr. Shruti Bedi, DJ & Music Producer Varnika Kundu, Chairperson of All Ladies League(Punjab) Winky Singh, NGO […]
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Skin Care Mistakes To Avoid In Your 40s KittyBee

Skin Care Mistakes To Avoid In Your 40s

There are a number of skincare products that promise a healthy and glowing skin. But it’s still hard to hide the signs of ageing and a bad skin care routine can make things worse. You’d be surprised to know that our everyday routine is the biggest reason behind a number of skin problems. KittyBee shares some common […]
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Red Velvet Cupcakes KittyBee

Valentine’s Day Special: Red Velvet Cupcakes Recipe

Its Valentine’s Day and what could be better than satisfying your loved one’s sweet tooth? Grab his attention with Valentine’s Special Red Velvet Cupcakes. What makes them even popular is the fact, that you don’t need eggs to make them fluffy, smooth and velvety. In this Red Velvet Cupcakes Recipe by Kittybee Rasoi, we have […]
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Valentine's Theme For Your Kitty Party

Valentine Theme Kitty Party Ideas

It’s February- the time to celebrate love and togetherness. Share the love this year with a Valentine’s Day Theme Party. This theme is best suitable for a couple kitty party, you can arrange it for your ladies kitty party as well. Worried about how to manage it? We’ll help you with the decoration, food, ideas […]
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Poha Dosa

South India’s Popular Breakfast Dish: Poha Dosa Recipe

Today, everyone has become health conscious and is always on a look-out for some delicious yet a nutritious meal. Poha is a soft and crispy snack that is lactose-free, heart healthy and fat-free. If you are allergic to wheat products, opt for Poha because it is ‘gluten-free’. So without further ado, let’s see how you can make the most of the […]
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