Bangles Luck – An Enjoyable Kitty Party Game

Bangles Luck – An Enjoyable Kitty Party Game

A kitty party is a wonderful way to connect with friends. The food and decoration certainly form a central part of any get-together, but party games hold an equal importance. Without these games, the guests get super-bored and prefer moving out.

Here we bring to you an enjoyable Bangle game that you can play at your kitty party:

Things Required:
  • A dice
  • 50 bangles in a bowl
  • Gifts according to the number of winners
How to Play:
  1. Keep all the bangles in a bowl and provide it to the player along with the dice.
  2. The player needs to throw the dice and wear the bangles in the finger as per the number rolled by the dice. For instance, if number 1 shows up she has to wear 1 bangle in the little finger. For number 2, she has to wear 2 bangles in the ring finger and so on.
  3. If number 6 shows up, the player does not have to do anything and roll the dice again.
  4. On wearing the bangles in all her fingers, the player needs to roll the dice for number 6.
  5. As soon as number 6 is rolled, the player needs to remove all the bangles from her fingers, add one bangle to the collection, and wear it in her hand.
  6. Ask the player to again roll the dice thrice.
  7. Now ask the player to take out the bangles from her hand as per the number rolled. Say if number 3 rolls up, she has to take out 3 bangles.
  8. In the end, count up the outstanding bangles.

The player who possesses the greatest number of bangles wins the game.

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