The Balloon Dance Kitty Party Game

Another week and KittyBee is back with another interesting kitty party game. This time, it is all about balloons, music, dance and fun. The balloon dance kitty party game is a great way to enjoy an amazing time with friends. The best part about this kitty party game is that you can also shed a few calories by dancing.

You Will Need:
  • Some balloons
  • Music for dance
Let’s play!
  • Get all the ladies on the dance floor.
  • They have to pass one balloon while dancing just like passing the parcel.
  • As the music stops, the player holding the balloon will call out the name of another player and toss the balloon in the air.
  • The player whose name has been called out will try to catch the balloon before it hits the floor.
  • The twist is – everyone will dance and try to distract the player so that she cannot catch the balloon in time.
  • As soon as the balloon hits the floor, the player will be out of the game.
  • The one who is able to stay till last will be the winner.

Play this game at your next kitty party. It will not only be fun but those dance moves will work as a great workout too.

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