Makeup Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Makeup can boost your self-confidence. It can highlight your best facial features and can nourish your skin well. But sometimes it can even go wrong and make you look older.

To help you avoid them we have compiled a list of most common makeup mistakes that can add years to your appearance.

Concealer gone wrong makeup

  1. Apply too much concealer in Makeup:

Sometimes to create a perfect matte effect, many of us apply too much concealer. If you select wrong color and put on a thick layer, you may end up highlighting wrinkles; making your face look old. Top makeup artists recommend staying away from thick foundations and choosing fluid based foundations that contain glowing particles. It will make your skin look healthy and naturally beautiful.

Mascara gone wrong

  1. Overusing mascara on lower lashes:

To give our gaze extra expressiveness we use mascara to touch up lower lashes; highlight the edges of the eyes. While sometimes putting too much mascara on your lashes may highlight your wrinkles around your eyes. It doesn’t matter how small your wrinkles are, thick mascara will make them stand out unique.

Wrong Lipstick Tone

  1. Selecting wrong lipstick tone:

Lipstick can work wonders to rock your look. It can’t be questioned that lipstick can do wonders to your image. You shouldn’t fear to experiment with rich, saturated colours. If your lips are narrow naturally, you should avoid dark-toned lipsticks. Dark colours can make your lips look thinner than they actually are. You may use lipstick to make your lips appear fuller, you just need to do overdraw your natural lip line.

Dark eyeshadows


  1. Applying dark eyeshadows in wrong way:

You should take care while applying shadows over eyelids. You shouldn’t apply it on whole area as this will make you look older. The right way is to only pat the outer corners of your eyes.


  1. Overusing lower lid eyeliner:

While applying dark eyeliner to your lower lid can make your eyes look narrow. You may use a light makeup pencil to counteract the effect, which may add openness to your image.

Blushing cheeks wrong     5. Putting rouge on the apples of your cheeks:

You should say bye to dark, intense colors. Instead, you should try lighter tones, like pale pink or peach. You must take care to apply blushes to an upper part of your cheeks avoiding the central part. When you looked younger it was a good idea to highlight the apples of your cheeks but as you become more mature, you have to adapt to the changes that skin goes through. Instead of trying to emphasize the central zone of your cheeks, you should try dabbing rouge on the upper cheekbones, and not too close to your nose area. If you use mellow, natural tones, it will make your face look younger and give you a romantic glow.

Thus as we have mentioned all these tips, you should be careful next time while applying makeup. It should work as it is intended to and not have an opposite effect to your desired look.

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