Types Of Alcohol That May Ruin Your Skin

Alcohol at some point bring a smile on everyone faces but on flip side of the coin, skin frowns.  Alcohol has chemicals that create stress on body metabolism and thereby effects skin. As famous adage states that you are what you eat. Then this should also be applied to drink- You become what you drink. Drinking can have so many adverse effects on your body but we will discuss its effects on skin today.

If you are making efforts for good skin by eating well, exfoliating your skin and using skincare products and they aren’t working, it must be due to your drinking habits. Today we are going to discuss some alcoholic drinks and compare their effects on your skin.

Alcoholic drinks that you should avoid:

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  1. Tequila:

Tequila is the most favourite drink of club goers. It is a toxic drink that gives worst hangover, and if you drink too much it also gives terrible looking skin. Comparably it is a lesser of other evils, as it has low sugar content. If you don’t take it with salt, it isn’t much damaging to the skin.

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  1. Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, and Gin

Liquors like rum and whiskey do not contain additives which makes them safer for your skin cells. But they do however contain congeners that are mixed during fermentation. Ironically these congeners ferment your skin also, which may lead to premature ageing of skin. You wouldn’t want that.

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  1. Beer

Beer contains a lot of liquid calories that increase fats. It contains loads of salt which isn’t somewhat good for skin. But if compared to others it contains lesser alcohol than most spirits and rumour is also in air that it has some anti-ageing properties.

white wine

  1. White wine

If you drink too much white wine, you may already be knowing the bad effects of this alcohol on the next day of hangover. It makes your head swing like a beating drum, also does the skin. White wine is surely high in sugar which raises the sugar levels in blood which in turn causes wrinkles.

mojito drink

  1. Mojito

Mojito is an extremely bad drink for a skin. This cocktail has a very high sugar content which can make wrinkles appear on your skin. Sugar can actually accelerate the skin’s ageing process, making you look older than you are.

Margarita drink

  1. Margarita

The next time you’re going to a beach and think of sipping a margarita, you should also consider its harmful effects on your skin. It contains a lot of sugar while the deadly combination of salt and sugar increases the chances of puffiness and bloating which brings on early wrinkles.

Red Wine

  1. Red wine

You may have heard or read about the benefits of red wine on your health but you may not be knowing that red wine is bad for skin. Red wine causes redness in the skin. Red wine is a histamine which increases redness of the skin, it basically aggravates rosacea.

Thus these all are the types of alcohols and their effects on our skin.

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