These Unknown Facts About Sanitary Napkins Will Blow Your Mind

Sanitary Napkin

A woman’s body needs a lot of care as it is fragile and sensitive. It is essential to give adequate attention to it, especially during menstruation as poor intimate hygiene may lead to problems like fungal infections, urinary tract infections and even reproductive issues.

The most important aspect of menstrual hygiene is sanitary napkins. When your period arrives, the first thing you reach for are pads or tampon to keep things under control. You use them every month, but have you ever wondered about their side effects? Take a look…

Gel-pads and Chemicals

Sanitary Napkin

Sanitary pads are not purely made of cotton but of cellulose gel and plastic. These can cause a lot of infection and also lead to cervical cancer which is one of the most common problems amongst women. The plasticizers used in pads can actually lead to organ damage and complicate embryo development. It is advisable to avoid gel pads and instead go for organic cotton based pads.

Artificial Fragrance: Worst Foreign Substances

Sanitary Napkin

We use sanitary pads with a fragrance to avoid bad odor. But are you aware of the harm it’s causing to your intimate part? Artificial deodorants can be an irritant and prolonged exposure to it leads to yeast infections. On mixing with the bloodstream, they affect your vagina and lead to fertility issues. So, avoid scented feminine products, instead change pads and tampons more often, wash and thoroughly dry the vaginal area; this would eliminate the need for a scented one.

Air Resistant

Sanitary Napkin

Every absorbent pad has a gel-based impermeable layer which blocks the air passage. To absorb wetness, the layer is made of synthetic material. There are about three layers in a pad which pulls moisture away from the body and into the material. The heat created makes room for bad bacteria to develop. Make sure that you change your pad frequently to overcome this problem.

Lump and Toxic Shock Syndrome

Sanitary Napkin

Make sure you change the napkin after every 4-5 hours, since wearing them for a long time could lead to formation of lumps in your intimate area. This is a must as infrequent changing may lead to even worse- Toxic shock syndrome.

Environmental Concerns

Sanitary Napkin

Other than affecting our bodies, sanitary napkins have become a big environmental issue. Since napkins are disposed in such huge numbers and are non-biodegradable, theycontribute towards solid wastage. To overcome the same, organic, biodegradable products should be used for making pads.

Ladies! Just don’t compromise with your health because once gone it’s difficult to replace. Have a safe period!

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