Her Secret Ingredient Is Love – Meet Harshdeep Kaur Ahluwalia


Cooking for a child is a play, for adult a joy, but for her it’s love. A teacher, a gold medalist in Karate, and a great cook, KittyBee is delighted to feature the inspiring story of Harshdeep Kaur Ahluwalia (Daisy)- a homemaker, who runs cooking classes. As a child, she learnt the art of cooking from her mother, who motivated her at every step.

An achiever since a very young age, Harshdeep has many titles to her personality. She recognized her love for cooking when she won first prize in Mother’s Day Cooking Competition held at her daughter’s school. Later, she participated in Masterchef Housewife competition and there too, stood first from Chandigarh zone. Harshdeep has been a part of many youth festivals and also worked as a teacher.

Harshdeep devises new ways to teach her students. It is through her use of simple instructions, the most seemingly difficult dishes look so easy to prepare. She understands how busy people are today and everyone is on the go. Keeping this in mind, she has churned out recipes that are not only tasty and healthy but also consumes very less of your time. Her unique style of teaching is making her popular among people of all age groups.

In future, Harshdeep plans to open her own institute where she can conduct cooking classes at a professional level. She wants that through her classes, kids, young girls, as well as highly mature people, also master the culinary art.

Harshdeep tries to make her time more productive and has the same advice for the ladies. She says that one should bring out his passion and become an inspiration for other people. Do something that gives you immense happiness and slowly you will be able to leave your mark and become a household name. To her “It’s also the best way of earning and becoming self-dependent.”

Harshdeep, the Master Chef also shared a lip-smacking recipe with team KittyBee. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Facebook Page  & grab a view of the recipe on KittyBee Rasoi!

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