Find The Safety Pins In A Rice Bowl- A Kitty Party Game You’re Going To Love!

ONE minute games

An important aspect in ladies get together is games. The most loved kitty party game is tambola but ladies are always looking for more innovative ONE minute games. This not only makes a kitty party more interesting but new members also feel a part of the gathering and enjoy themselves.

KittyBee keeps introducing new, innovative and out of the box games. These are not only for ladies kitty party but suits every age group. You can play it with your friends or in family gatherings. Break the monotony and give everyone a dose of fun with the below-mentioned game – Safety Pins & Rice.

You Will Need
  • A bowl filled with rice
  • 30-40 small safety pins
Let’s Get Started
  • Mix rice and safety pins in a bowl.
  • Call one player at a time and blind fold her.
  • Now, ask her to take out safety pins from the bowl without spilling the rice.
  • If the rice spill out of the bowl, deduct the points.
  • Player with maximum number of safety pins and points will win the game.
  • Set time limit to ONE minute.

This game is going to make your kitty party a very successful event.

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