Why I Never Gave Up Hope As A Mother Of Special Child


special Child

She is not weak. She is freakishly strong and likes to dress up. She knows how ONE person can make a difference. A child’s disability is not something that should be made fun of neither shall they be limited to just making candles. She challenged herself and started working towards creating better life and opportunities for physically, mentally challenged kids. Let’s celebrate ability, humanity and diversity.

Sharmita Bhinder is a social worker and Mentor. She got married at the tender age of 18 and completed her education after marriage. Currently, she runs an NGO for mentally and physically challenged children. Kids with minor issues like ADD, ADHD and Dyslexia are also looked after.

never to earn fame or because of a passion for teaching. Sharmita herself is blessed with a special child and that was a life-changing moment for her. The beginning was painful but she accepted things on a way deeper level. Through her son, she learnt how to fight all the odds. Birth of a special child turned out to be an advantage rather a disadvantage and made her a better human being.

Sharmita never faced challenges while working with special kids. She says, “The society we live in, makes the issue way more mental than it could ever be. Physical problems are discussed openly without any guilt or hesitation, but mental issues or depression are always hushed. It should be thought of and treated just like other disorders”. Her aim is to remove this social taboo because every human being faces mental challenges once in their life.


“A dyslexic child does not have mental issues, they are created by the society. The only problem with such a kid is that he/she cannot write. So why we need to create a fuss over it when we have computers at home.”


Today, people are so busy in showing off their wealth through branded clothes, expensive jewellery, lavish weddings but when it comes to donation, they do not have 500 Rs to spare. Secondly, the government doesn’t support such causes. To help special kids in a better way, Sharmita needs governmental and societal support.

She hopes that one day national and international corporates and the government will start giving funds. Sharmita wants to start India’s first inclusive school, where normal and special kids can study together without any discrimination.

In conversation with KittyBee, Sharmita also said that there’s a lot of gender bias in our society. A mother carries the child but both the parents should share equal responsibilities. When it comes to a special child, the mother should get emotional support because she has to put in a lot of efforts and time to look after the kid. The focus should be on creating a happy environment at home.

To create more awareness Sharmita is organizing ability carnival on 17th of December at The Lake Club. All governmental and non-government schools, as well as NGOs, will come and participate in the carnival. It will be a whole day event and three hundred special children have been invited. Food and games will be free for the kids. The entire vision behind the carnival is inclusion so that the kids can get equal opportunity to enjoy the best things in life. The carnival is for normal children as well. So come and be a part of a life-changing event.

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