Create the Perfect Lohri Theme With These Interesting Kitty Party Ideas


Lohri celebrations are synonymous with fun, laughter, colour and some great food.

With the first festival of the year just round the corner, it’s time to light the bonfire in the biting cold, dance and of course dress up. The vibrant festival of Lohri has so much to offer to both kids and adults.

And if you have a kitty party coming up that time, there’s no better way of celebrating than with a Lohri theme party. This will not only make it a hit but also give your friends a chance to forget the gloomy weather outside.

Here we share a few ideas on a Lohri Theme for your next kitty party.

Dress Code

Talking about the dress code, the best I can think for Lohri is traditional Punjabi attire. This would include Salwar Kameez in vibrant colours, phulkari dupattas, chudis, bindis, parandis and of course maang tikka for the perfect finishing touch. Don’t forget to keep a prize for the best dressed so that everyone takes it seriously.

Venue Decoration

If you want to keep it simple and easy, pep up the venue with some colorful dupattas. Use these as backdrops, drape them around the walls/ pillars or you may even use them as tablecloths. Do as you like and they are sure to uplift your décor. You can also display some hand-painted bottles, bangles, colorful pinwheels or kites. For props, you can keep a few pagdis on the table. Ladies will surely love to use it for selfies.


A Lohri theme kitty party is incomplete without popcorn. You can also set-up a tea bar at the venue. As an accompaniment add mason jars filled with gajak, rewari, and groundnuts. In the main course, you may include the authentic ‘makki ki roti’ and ‘saag’, Chole Bhature, Dal Makhani or Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda. No Indian festival is complete without sugary delights. Do ensure on adding Moong Dal Halwa, Gajrela and gulab jamun to the menu list.


Sunder mundriye, ho!
Tera kaun vicharaa, ho!

I am sure with these tunes on; everyone will tap their feet. Without music and the beat of dhol, the celebration is incomplete. So don’t forget to call a dholwala to addfun and excitement factor to the party.


You may go for one-minute kitty party games like make a garland with popcorns or write ‘Happy Lohri’ with ground nuts. The lady who is able to write the maximum number of letters in one minute will be the winner.

You can make Tambola all the more interesting by making it play differently. How? When a lady wins the 1st row she has to say “Sunder mundriye ho”. Likewise for second row, the player has to say Tera kaun vicharaa ho”. For third, fourth and fifth row- Dullah bhatti walla ho”, Dulhe di dhee vyayae ho”, “Ser shakkar payee ho” respectively. When a player wins full house she has to say, “Happy Lohri”.

Your guests will surely enjoy this tambola game for Lohri.

There’s a lot more you can do for a cheerful Lohri celebration. We will love to hear about your celebration. Let us know in the comments section below!

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