Who’s The Fastest In Your Kitty Group? This Kitty Party Game Shall Reveal: Button Button

Kitty Party Game Button Button

LOLs, fun, and food is all what Kitty Party is about. The guests are gonna cherish the memories for years to come. Here’s a game that will not only keep kids, but also your kitty party friends occupied.

Things Required

  • 10 Black, 20 Red, 30 White coloured buttons
  • Large Safety Pins

How To Play

  • In a bowl, put all the buttons and mix them.
  • Assign points to differently-coloured buttons. Example: 40 points to black, 30 to red, 10 to white.
  • Each player has to pick out buttons with the help of a safety pin.
  • Player who scores maximum points wins!
  • Set time limit to 30 seconds.

I’m sure you will really enjoy this game with your girl gang. If you have any innovative game that you would like to share with everyone, don’t forget to comment below.


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