Save The Queen With This Engaging Kitty Party Game!

Kitty ladies

Kitty ladies! It’s time to put those playing cards to a better use. Save the Queen is an amazing kitty party game and is appropriate for all age groups. Also, it doesn’t require a special arrangement. So, make your kitty party fun and amazing without wasting a single penny.

You will need:
  • One deck of KittyBee playing cards
  • A tray or small flat surface
Let’s Play!
  • Place the Queen of both colours facing upwards on the tray.
  • Now, spread rest of the cards with face down around the queen.
  • Each member will get ONE minute to blow the cards off the table in a way that only the Queen is left.
  • Participant who is able to complete the task within the set time will win the game.

Fun, right? You can also play this kitty party game with friends, family or at a children’s party. I’m sure even kids would love this game.

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