Making Dance A Form Of Expression, Meet Jas K Shan

dance dacha

How well you dance is a tribute to your artistry and how well you learn from us is a tribute to your craftsmanship.

Jasmeet K Shan, Founder/Director of Jas K Shan’s Dance Dacha stands as a testimony to how a person can succeed at almost anything with unlimited enthusiasm. It is one of its kind dance facilitation centre in North India. Her whole mission behind Dance Dacha is to provide people with a second home where fitness, dance, and happiness can all be combined on the dance floor.

Post-graduation in mass communication, Jasmeet had her fair share of jobs. After working for corporates, advertising agencies, and organizations like Doordarshan, and Dainik Bhaskar, she realized that dance was something she wanted to do. The time has come to follow her dreams and passion.
On December 16th, 2010, her mother gifted “Dacha” as a name for her dance workshop. It is a Russian word meaning- second home for rejuvenation. That’s how Dance Dacha came into existence.

Jasmeet has no formal dance education and absolutely no clue when she started doing it. Dance became a part of her during school and college time. Terrace top was her first dance floor where she taught friends and family. Two hours of dancing sessions soon turned into a full-time job.

“Inspiration can be many but the real mentor is none other than God himself.”

During her candid interview, Jasmeet told team KittyBee that god is her true inspiration because all this time she has been getting divine education. Apart from that she always looks up to Madhuri Dixit. As she is the one who knows what an eyebrow or a wink can do to a camera.
As a budding choreographer, she faced a new challenge every day. But God’s vision and blessing helped her through the journey. It’s been seven and a half years and Dance Dacha is doing a really good job. Through dance and movement, Jasmeet and her team have treated many people with depression, anxiety issues, arthritis, etc. Her idea is not to make them performers or get them on the stage; the idea is to give them a form of expression.

Dance is for masses, classes, it’s for everybody who is existing and living.


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