Like Hitting Targets? This Hit The Target Kitty Party Game Is For You!

Hit The Target Kitty Party Game

Lovely ladies, it’s time to do some target practice with KittyBee’s Hit The Target kitty party game. This Game will also help you in hitting someone (husband or kids) in near future.

P.S Perfection Matter!

You will need:

  1. One sharpened pencil
  2. 15-20 bangles
  3. Stand to hold the pencil in standing position. (Thermocol, rubber/eraser)

Let’s Play!

  • Place the pencil on the eraser or thermocol in a standing position.
  • Draw a line one or two feet away from the pencil.
  • Each player will get one minute to throw the bangles towards the standing pencil.
  • The player who will put maximum bangles on the stand will win.

Do try out this game and share your experience with us. 

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