Health Benefits Of Saffron – The World’s Most Expensive Spice


Member of the lily family, saffron also known as Zafaran or Kesar – is the world’s most expensive spice. The flower that produces this versatile spice is painstakingly handpicked and carefully laid on a sieve. Today, saffron is commercially produced in Kashmir, Iran, Spain, Morocco and Italy. But everyone is not familiar with its amazing benefits.

KittyBee has compiled FIVE major advantages of Saffron. Take a look…

Fights Cancer

Crocin – a dark orange, water-soluble carotene present in saffron is responsible for its colour. It triggers apoptosis which prevents breast cancer and leukaemia. The spice holds great promises as crocetin in saffron can block the rapid increase of two types of human cancer. The compound also obstructs cancer stem cells, destroys them and prevents it from returning.

Controls Blood Pressure

Crocetin in saffron has proven effective in maintaining cardiovascular health. It increases the oxygen level in the body and prevents heart diseases. Regular use of “Kesar” will help in reducing cholesterol level in the blood. It will further keep your heart healthy and smooth blood flow controls blood pressure.

Protection Against Cold

Winters are great but it does cause some discomfort. This time of the year, people suffer a lot from cold and fever. Saffron is a stimulant tonic. It is a very effective method of treating cold as well as fever. Mix this spice with milk and apply it on the forehead for quick results.

Boost Hair Growth

Hair fall and baldness is a common problem in today’s generation. Increasing stress, change in the environment and poor eating habits are taking away essential oils and keratin from our scalp. Thus, resulting in thin hair and breakage. Boost hair growth by mixing liquorice, milk and kesar and apply it to your scalp. The results will definitely amaze you.

Promotes Learning And Memory Retention

With increasing age, our mind stops working at its full capacity. This could be due to medications, unhealthy lifestyle, stress or other issues. If you too are suffering from memory loss or learning problems, include saffron in your everyday meal.

The spice might be expensive but for long-term health benefits, it is worth the investment. What do you think?

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