The girl with ONE desire: Meet Anchor Ekanshi Singh

Anchor Ekanshi Singh

Her challenges didn’t stop her from following her passion. This bubbly Punjaban is full of life. When weight was an issue, she worked hard to lose 15 kgs and today she looks amazingly fit. Her way of presenting herself inspires other people. Team KittyBee is delighted to share the beautiful journey of Anchor Ekanshi Singh.

Ekanshi Singh was born and brought up in Bhatinda. She graduated in English honours and later pursued masters in journalism and communication.

Moving base to Chandigarh brought about a number of pleasant changes in her life, love being one of them. In her words, it was a haseen hadsa (pleasant accident). Why, because people generally believe that after marriage one is bound to limitations, has to fulfil a lot of responsibilities and somewhere down the line one quit on his dreams and passion. Fortunately, in her case, she got utmost support from her husband; he gave wings to her dreams.

It is through her hardwork and determination that today, Ekanshi is working as a prominent anchor for Sikh TV. She is also a scriptwriter; voice-over artist and directs stories to inspire people.

“Follow your dreams because life gives you only one chance.”

As a child, Ekanshi was highly attracted by the glamorous lifestyle. Coming to Chandigarh, she realized that strong determination and support is required to make your mark in the media industry. But as her name suggests “Ekanshi – the girl with one desire”, she puts her entire focus, time and energy to stand tall in media line. In spite of all the odds, hardships and challenges, Ekanshi didn’t fail to make a mark in the society.

What’s the best part about her job? Anchor Ekanshi Singh says that through her work, she learns something new every day. A new story brings a lot of information and history along. It’s a pool of knowledge and keeps her up to date with the changing trends.

“Worst experiences are the best ones. They teach you the most important things in life.”

Talking of bitter experiences in life, Ekanshi shared that she went through depression at one point of time but worked hard to overcome all the hurdles. She also adds that we focus more on the bad things rather than the good ones. What we fail to understand is – that the bad things said about us rather gives us an opportunity to become a better person. However, it depends on us how we take it.

Whether you talk about media industry or life, both are challenging. No matter what you do, it is important to be mentally strong because in some way or the other, people will criticize you. Patience also plays a major role because your hard work will not be rewarded then and there. You will have to wait for the good things to come back to you in their own time.

Anchor Ekanshi Singh believes in going with the flow but wants to explore new stories through which she can spread more awareness. She is also set to grab every opportunity that comes her way.

“Women are the strongest human beings and within are filled with great potential.”

Ekanshi has a beautiful message for all the women. She says that a seed doesn’t know that it has the capability of becoming a strong tree. Likewise, every woman is like a seed and has a lot of potential and calibre. Just the way a seed needs air, soil, sunlight to grow, in the same way when women get support and proper guidance, they can achieve great heights in every field.

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