Bring Out The Madness With This Fun Kitty Party Game: Pluck To Win

Fun Kitty Party Game Pluck To Win

Next kitty party on schedule, but don’t know how to make it happening? Host a party that will be hard to forget by including Fun Kitty Party Game Pluck To Win. We’re sure it will also thrill the biggest wallflower amongst your kitty group.

You will need:

Coloured Cloth Pin

How to Play:

Now when the time starts all the players have to save their pins from other members. Simultaneously, the players need to unclip the pins from the participants’ clothes and clip it in front of their clothes.

Player with the maximum number of pins on their clothes wins!

If you too have some fun, innovative and out of the box game for kitty parties then don’t forget to leave a reply in the comments section.

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