Frequently asked questions

KittyBee is an excellent solution to your Kitty schedule upkeeping issues. The app acts as a virtual kitty diary that assists you in managing multiple kittys, creating rules and kitty groups, keeping a track of kitty payments, selection of hosts and a lot more. It makes your societal engagements as hassle free and fun as possible. Download it today and efficiently manage your multiple kitty groups in a single click.

KittyBee is absolutely free! All you need to do is download the app and enjoy its brilliant features.

The KittyBee app is compatible with iPhone version 8.0 and above, and Android version 4.0.3(IcecreamSandwich). So make sure your phone’s operating system is updated to the above mentioned versions before you download the app.

The KittyBee app requires an Internet connection for its features to work fully. However, certain features in the app do run in ‘offline’ mode. All the information stored by you in the app while in offline mode will get restored in the app once your device is connected to the Internet.

Your phone book must have your friend’s contact details in order for you to invite them to KittyBee. There is an inbuilt ‘invite’ feature in KittyBee using which you can send invites to all your friends as messages to their mobiles. They will get a link to KittyBee site from where they will be directed to the relevant App download link. After downloading KittyBee App they can be in your app circle in less than three minutes.

No. It is surprisingly light even with the extensive features it offers. To give you a comparison it is about half thesize of Whatsapp.

Registering on KittyBee is a 30 second process. Just follow these five simple steps and you are done!

  1. Download the App and launch
  2. Enter your mobile number at prompt
  3. KittyBee will send an OTP at your mobile number
  4. Enter that OTP in the Ap.
  5. You are registered! ☺