Inspiring People To Live A Healthy Lifestyle – Meet, Dietitian Payal Aggarwal

Dietitian Payal Aggarwal


                                                                                                                                “Make your health an INVESTMENT, not an EXPENSE”

A dietitian by profession, Payal Aggarwal runs her own clinic by the name of Food Fitness in Chandigarh. Her focus does not just include weight loss but also therapeutic diets to control childhood obesity, Diabetes, PCOD, lactose intolerance etc. Payal also tries to make weight loss plans more convenient and interesting by pepping it up in a natural way.

Qualified that she is, and a gold medalist during graduation, Payal got the strength to pursue a career after eight years of marriage. Her kids pushed her towards pursuing her interest and make her own identity in the society.

Dietitian Payal Aggarwal aims at making her future much brighter. Being a food lover, she wants to launch a book of all the healthy recipes. Her vision – she wants people to enjoy an active life with food that is healthy, nutritious and tasty. Along with that, she wants to continue putting her personal touch with each and every client the same way she has been doing from the very beginning.

As a dietitian and a mother of two, Payal has a very important message for all the women. She wants that they take care of their health and diet first. The reason why she believes the same is because, being a woman she understands the role one plays as the backbone of the family (mother, daughter, sister or whatsoever). She nurtures, nourishes, protects, and manages everything while keeping their lifestyle or fitness at stake. But what they don’t realize is that as long as they are keeping in the best of health, things will be perfect. 🙂 And we absolutely agree with her.

Payal shared an awesome recipe with us. Stay tuned to KittyBee Rasoi to grab a look at a fat-free, peppy snack!

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